Yoga Retreat in Greece

Happy to share with you three videos that i have done during my time in Greece last year.
Videos are a time-lapse of a yoga retreat that i’ve done in an idillic island in the Cyclades, called Amorgos Island. The French movie from 1988 called ‘Le Grand Blue’, the big blue, has been partially filmed in that island which drove slowly tourists to the island.
Like a local friend once wrote: ‘It is like the island itself supports every attempt to relax, to simply be and to get in touch with ones true self.’

The yoga is called vini-yoga, done by Sigrid from Time to Exhale retreats >>

This video is from a morning session at the yoga studio that Karen is running in Aegiali

A ‘letting-go’ exercise at the beach of Aegiali. The idea is of contemplating on what to let go, ponder in your own little space at the beach. Get in touch with these memories and emotions attached to it. Once captured in your mind, then creating a sculpture expressing this by using the tools from the beach, e.g. shells, sands, branches, water, stones,… While making this sculpture, you are mindful with all your thoughts, energies and overall senses. When the sculpture is finished, you then break it apart to let go of this bit by bit.
Once finished, you then can like i did, leave a mark in the sand where it was created, by footprints, as a way towards going forward.
After this, we each sat separately and watched the sunset going down. And for me, in addition, the water to come and erase my footprints.

An evening session taken in the studio at the physio table of Karen

A little more information about vini-yoga >>
Viniyoga literally means ‘adaptive yoga’ and was mainly tought by T.K.V. Desikachar, the son of the ‘Father of Yoga’ Krisnamacharya. The focus of these classes is the wellbeing of the spine, the meditative aspect and a freeflowing breath.