Stonehenge and Pavilion

A building study that i’ve done a little bit earlier this year, is this project, the Stonehenge and the Pavilion in Amesbury, United Kingdom (Also featured on Architizer >> Link )

Australian firm Denton Corker Marchalls – DCM – ’s solution for the visitor centre is in deliberate antithesis to the weighty monoliths, it has been built in 2013 and had it’s opening at Christmas time then.

(note: please click on the image for isolated view of one image)

m_ART_Stonehenge-00 m_ART_Stonehenge-01 m_ART_Stonehenge-02 m_ART_Stonehenge-03 m_ART_Stonehenge-04 m_ART_Stonehenge-05 m_ART_Stonehenge-06 m_ART_Stonehenge-07 m_ART_Stonehenge-08 m_ART_Stonehenge-09 m_ART_Stonehenge-10 m_ART_Stonehenge-11