Published Conceptual Book

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Published Conceptual Book

Just woke up to a freshly printed book, here is the link where you can view and order if you like the content.

Here is an extract: –

“I am an artist who loves to create metaphysical worlds with photography.”

With this series I’ve evolved from that and created imaginary worlds by focusing more on what makes us human. This by drawing the attention on the mind and body in each image. The frame tells a little story where the person is being challenged by an unusual angle of turning the frame 90 degrees.

How the surroundings have an effect on the human body and mind is where I drew my inspiration from, this by choosing my locations and clothing precisly and using it to accentuate the state of mind.

Distortion stories not only deal with the surroundings being distorted, but the human mind as well. Not only feelings and emotions are incorporated in those images also the thought patterns behind it. Capturing what a particular person is in a precise moment in time and place. That moment can’t be recreated.

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