Le Corbusier’s Maison Guiette in Belgian

World Heritage Corb: Maison Guiette in Belgium was Le Corbusier‘s first commission outside of France, but is one of the lesser-known of his 17 buildings that have been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

Guiette House designed by Le Corbusier’s in 1926 is considered one of his most unknown works. It’s an early and classic example of the “International Style” and built in 1927 as the residence and studio of the painter René Guiette. The building has a cellar, ground floor, first and second floor, and a roof terrace on the third floor (at the back). The large window on the top of the front facade is from the studio of the painter. It was once inhabited by Belgian fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester who supposedly despised architecture tourists gazing at her house, although she had restored the house in 1985 by Georges Baines and built an extension next to it.

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