Artist Statement

Martine founded m-ART early 2009 as an overall name for her artwork, m-ART Photography grew over the years from this.  She got initiated in Fine Art during high school and continued to develop it during her architectural studies. She has been using it as a creative outlet ever since. Creating is her Air to Life, without it she wouldn’t find the balance in everyday mundane life.

Martine is a registered architect in Belgium, Australia (VIC) and United Kingdom. She has a passion for travelling and has visited 31 countries so far.

Martine created a mission statement as part of this page, to express the genres that she loves ie. architecture, travel and documentary.

  • my aim is to show what human kind is possible to design and build with the Architecture Photos. Being an architect myself, i love to create and being involved in the construction process is so rewarding. Then afterwards explore a building by seeing it from unusual perspectives, more close-up shots but also how it blends in with the environment
  • my aim is to show people how beautiful Earth is, this with Travel Photos, make them care about the planet, also to inspire people to travel and put experiences forward to stuff.  For those who can’t travel, to make them escape from daily life and see what’s out there
  • my aim is to have an impact with my Documentary Photos, to emphasise on people. This by showing how people live, what people create, what’s happening with the world,… mainly to create an awareness.

The conceptual photo series is more to let her imagination take over and create another world.

*If you would like to read more about m-ART, please see this link >>