Martine is trained, qualified, and began her career as an architect before establishing her business as an architectural photographer.

She is fascinated by capturing images that narrate the life and interactions that occur within architecture, producing more of a story or a feel  for a project. The urban environment can be isolated and static, creating photographs that are bright and alive seems more suitable for Martine’s perspective.

Martine focuses on documenting various ways in which people create and interact within their built environment. Communicating this by showing how everyday individuals give meaning and context to the architecture and spaces that surround us, this makes architecture more approachable and accessible.

Capturing a story or feel for a project is strengthened by her artistic style that is bright and alive, focusing on geometry, lines, curves, pattern and abstract designs. Her distinctive style incorporates an energetic approach balancing movement and colour together with the use of reductive positioning, creating images that are both simple and visually striking.

Martine’s love for photography goes back to her twelfth birthday, when her Godfather gave her, her first camera.  From then on she picked up a camera to capture how she perceived reality. She is intrigued by the decisive moment and by the story  behind the subject. A photograph represents one way of seeing  by choosing a unique composition in addition to light and colour. Using the viewfinder to accentuate this beauty is where she feels most comfortable.

She is a passionate creative. During high school she got initiated into Visual Arts, this blossomed her out.  She has been using this as a channel of communication  ever since, it makes her soul sing. Being brought up bilingual while seeing Japanese anime dubbed in french, awakened her curiosity for cultures. Since young she adapted to an ambidextrous left-handed. She is a language and food lover.

Martine is a registered architect in Australia (VIC), Belgium and United Kingdom. She has a zest for travelling  and has visited 30+ countries so far. Originally from Belgium, she has relocated her base various times to be able to capture continents in an authentic way.

Publications: Her work has appeared in numerous publications including: National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Summit Media, The Age, Architects Journal, Pillar, Schuco Partner, Architizer, cube design Ltd, Frowde Architects, Muunlight, Gaia House, Amaravati. Her work has been seen from the pages of The Age in Australia, to Architectural and Lifestyle Magazines, in the Philippines, to Architectural Magazines and websites in the United Kingdom.

Exhibitions: Martine has exhibited both collaboratively as well as solo exhibitions.

Book: She has published a book called Distortion which deals with how the surroundings have an effect on the human body and mind. Another book she published is called Moksha, a collection of Poems. She is currently working on a book called Tree of Life.

Awards: Martine has been credited with some exciting awards and is active on photo sharing communities. Recently a portrait of a monk in Amorgos Island has been featured on the Daily Dozen of National Geographic.

Volunteer work: Over the years Martine has been involved in volunteer work i.e. CERES, Melbourne: event photography. Bahay Tuluyan, Manila: working on a documentary to keep kids off the streets; raise awareness and funding. Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, London: event photography for Kathina Festival, a yearly event that attracts over 1250 people. Gaia House, Insight and Meditation Centre, England: documentary photography.

Causes Martine cares about are: Arts, Culture, Children and Health.