Abi and Saudi in the outskirts of Manila

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Abi and Saudi in the outskirts of Manila

I made a documentary during my 6 months stay the first half year of 2012.
The documentary was for Bahay Tuluyan (www.bahaytuluyan.org) a volunteer network that is based in Manila, Philippines, most are Australian expats. The main focus is children and teenagers. This by playing games and feeding the kids, some days in the community house but also with a van that was at particular spots in the city so that the kids can come to that particular street, close to a park, to have a feed and some fun too. They also focused on the teenagers providing them with tasks and community involvement so they will stay away from drugs, fights or even jail. For example one task that they offer is collecting plastic in the streets. This can then be traded in for money. So the teenagers are learning to work and are understanding that there are so many different ways to stay away from living in the streets.

Bahay Tuluyan was doing a presentation about two employees, showing their lives in the Philippines and passed misfortune. The videos and photos were used for a presentation in Australia, ie. Melbourne and Sydney to raise funds and awareness.
See below some photos of Abi Abuendo, 21 years old from Binondo, Malina and Saudi, 21 years old, born in Zamboanga City but grew up in Manila. They both had to deal with different issues growing up. For Abi it was an external factor that played a big part in her life, i.e. her parents house burned down in 2011. They had to find a cheap neighbourhood to live and provide one shelter for the parents, her sister and three kids, Abi and her older brother.
Saudi on the other hand, had a tough childhood that dealt with more cultural factors. As his background is Muslim and being poor, he had to work to be able to let his parents live close to their relatives. At school he was discriminated by his teachers.
The two employees, Abi and Saudi, created this game similar to the Wheel of Fortune as presentation in the form of a play, to raise funds in Australia. We developed a PowerPoint presentation with sounds like a school bell, Milo the chocolate milk advertising, and then a snapshot of the photo series and videos that I’ve taken during those months I was there.

Abi’s House and Surroundings

Saudi’s House and Family